• Upon arrival at Macau International Airport, transit and transfer passengers will be directed by ground staff to the departure hall located on the first floor of the terminal. Passengers can approach the transfer desks for enquiries on connecting flights and visa destination requirements.

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    Taiwan compatriot visa application

    Taiwanese travelers passing through Macau on their way to mainland China will find China Travel Agency’s airport office most convenient.

    Providing expedited immediate visa endorsement service, the airport office eliminates the normal two-day wait on Taiwan Compatriot Passports. Taiwanese passengers can purchase a one-time visa for HKD150 or a Taiwan Compatriot Passport for HKD460 (Taiwan Compatriot Passports normally require two working days to process).

    Taiwan residents, at their first time travel to China, must go to the Head Office in Macau for the application of the Taiwan Compatriot Passport with effective term of 5 years.

    Business hours: 09:30-17:45 (everyday, including Sunday).

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    Taiwan Compatriot Passport
      Charge Availability
    Normal Service HKD 340 7 working days
    Express service HKD 460 2 working days
    Visa Endorsement
    Normal Service HKD 100 The following day
    Express service HKD 150 In 20 minutes time
    Each application of Taiwan Compatriot Passport includes one visa endorsement.



    For further enquiries, please call the Visa Agency office at (853) 2870 0888 or their airport branch at (853) 2886 1348, or fax (853) 2886 1347.