Lost & Found

  • At Macau International Airport all Lost and Found items are handled by the Macau Police (PSP) in accordance with the relevant articles of the civil code of MSAR.

    All cash and documents (Passports, ID Cards, Debit/Credit Cards or any other document containing personal data), when found, will be turned to the Macau Police (PSP). Macau Police (PSP) Airport Reception can be contacted via Tel: (853)8898 1353.

    For items left on board an aircraft please enquire the respective airline directly.

    The items listed below are items of low monetary value which were found at the Airport’s Terminal:

     Item Number  Item Found Date  Item Description
    TMS/2018/02/05/0039  5 February 2018 Scarf
    TMS/2018/02/04/0038  4 February 2018 Power Bank
    TMS/2018/02/03/0037  3 February 2018 Toy
    TMS/2018/02/03/0036  3 February 2018 Clothing, Padlocks
    TMS/2018/02/02/0035  2 February 2018 Keys
    TMS/2018/02/02/0034  2 February 2018 Paintings
    TMS/2018/02/02/0033  2 February 2018 Kids Backpack
    TMS/2018/02/02/0032 2 February 2018 Keys
    TMS/2018/02/01/0031 1 February 2018  Toy
    TMS/2018/02/01/0030 1 February 2018 Reed Diffuser*2
    TMS/2018/01/29/0028 29 January 2018 Down Jacket
    TMS/2018/01/28/0027 28 January 2018 Bag & WiFi Egg
    TMS/2018/01/26/0026 26 January 2018 Pouch & Power Bank
    TMS/2018/01/26/0025 25 January 2018 Toy
    TMS/2018/01/24/0024 24 January 2018 Backpack (Photo, Clothes)
    TMS/2018/01/23/0023 23 January 2018 Jacket *2
    TMS/2018/01/23/0022  23 January 2018  Jacket
    TMS/2018/01/23/0021 23 January 2018 Backpack (Handbag, Lip Balm*3 etc)
    TMS/2018/01/21/0019  21 January 2018  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2018/01/21/0018 21 January 2018 Key*3
    TMS/2018/01/19/0015 19 January 2018 Bag & Vest
    TMS/2018/01/18/0014 18 January 2018 Sweater
    TMS/2018/01/15/0013 15 Janurary 2018 Clothing
    TMS/2018/01/14/0012 14 January 2018 Sketch
    TMS/2018/01/14/0011 14 January 2018 Earring
    TMS/2018/01/13/0010 13 January 2018 Pocket Wifi Router
    TMS/2018/01/11/0009 11 January 2018 Clothing
    TMS/2018/01/09/0008 9 January 2018 Rechargeable LED
    TMS/2018/01/08/0007 8 January 2018 Mug, Water Bottle
    TMS/2018/01/07/0006 7 January 2018  Down Jacket
    TMS/2018/01/05/0005 5 January 2018 Kid’s Backpack (Kid’s Cutlery, Water Bottle, Bib)

    4 January 2018 Earphones
    TMS/2018/01/03/0002 3 January 2018  Bag, Keys, Clothes
    TMS/2018/01/01/0001 1 January 2018 Kid's Backpack (Coloring Pens, Vacuum Flask, Books, etc)
    TMS/2017/12/30/0498 30 December 2017 Neck Pillow, Clothes & Toys
    TMS/2017/12/30/0497 30 December 2017 Walking Stick
    TMS/2017/12/30/0496 30 December 2017 Watch
    TMS/2017/12/29/0495 29 December 2017 Jacket *2
    TMS/2017/12/28/0494 28 December 2017 Earphones
     TMS/2017/12/27/0492 27 December 2017 Jacket & Cap
     TMS/2017/12/27/0491 27 December 2017 Power Bank*2
     TMS/2017/12/26/0490 26 December 2017  Baby Stroller
    TMS/2017/12/20/0486 20 December 2017 Wine Glass
    TMS/2017/12/19/0485 19 December 2017 Kid's Backpack (Toys)
    TMS/2017/12/14/0482 14 December 2017 Keys*3
    TMS/2017/12/13/0481 13 December 2017

    Photo Frame

    TMS/2017/12/13/0480 13 December 2017 Jacket
    TMS/2017/12/11/0479 11 December 2017

    Backpack & Clothes

    TMS/2017/12/09/0478 9 December 2017 Jacket
    TMS/2017/12/06/0477 6 December 2017 Jackets *2
    TMS/2017/12/05/0475 5 December 2017 Keys *3
    TMS/2017/12/04/0474 4 December 2017 Headphone
    TMS/2017/11/18/0472 18 November 2017 Scarf
    TMS/2017/10/13/0471 13 October 2017 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/12/02/0470 2 December 2017 Painting
    TMS/2017/11/30/0469 30 November 2017 Quilt
    TMS/2017/11/27/0465 27 November 2017 Kid's Backpack (Toys)
    TMS/2017/11/21/0463 21 November 2017 Necklace
    TMS/2017/11/19/0460 19 November 2017 Book & Flight Certificate
    TMS/2017/11/19/0459 19 November 2017 Decorative Wall Hook
    TMS/2017/11/16/0458 16 November 2017 Watch
    TMS/2017/11/15/0457 15 November 2017 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/11/15/0456 15 November 2017 Baggage (Clothing, Sunglasses case, etc)
    TMS/2017/11/15/0455 15 November 2017 Baggage (Clothing, Umbrellas, etc)
    TMS/2017/11/14/0454 14 November 2017 Memorial Plaque (Wooden)
    TMS/2017/11/09/0451 9 November 2017 Card Holder
    TMS/2017/11/06/0449 6 November 2017 Jacket & Cap
    TMS/2017/11/02/0447 2 November 2017 Jacket
    TMS/2017/11/01/0445 1 November 2017 Earring
    TMS/2017/10/29/0444 29 October 2017 Shirt
    TMS/2017/10/29/0443 29 October 2017 Backpack (Clothing, Shoes)
    TMS/2017/10/28/0442 28 October 2017 Trolley
    TMS/2017/10/27/0441 27 October 2017 Jacket
    TMS/2017/10/26/0440 26 October 2017 Toys
    TMS/2017/10/26/0439 26 October 2017 Skin Care Product
    TMS/2017/10/24/0438   24 October 2017   Towel & Pants 
    TMS/2017/10/24/0437  24 October 2017 Baby Carrier 
    TMS/2017/10/23/0436  23 October 2017  Vacuum Flask 
    TMS/2017/10/23/0435  23 October 2017  Vacuum Flask 
    TMS/2017/10/20/0434  20 October 2017  Power Bank
    TMS/2017/10/20/0433  20 October 2017  Power Bank
    TMS/2017/10/19/0432  19 October 2017  Power Bank
    TMS/2017/10/16/0429 16-Oct-17 Ring
    TMS/2017/10/15/0428 15-Oct-17 Skin Care Product
    TMS/2017/10/15/0427 15-Oct-17 Waist Bag (Flashlight, Watch, Toy, etc)
    TMS/2017/10/14/0426 14-Oct-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/10/13/0425 13-Oct-17 Overcoat
    TMS/2017/10/11/0424 10-Oct-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/10/10/0423 10-Oct-17 Baby Stroller
    TMS/2017/10/10/0422 10-Oct-17 Hats*2, Clothing*2
    TMS/2017/10/07/0420 07-Oct-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/10/05/0419   5 October 2017    Side Pack 
    TMS/2017/10/03/0418   3 October 2017   Side Pack
    TMS/2017/10/02/0417  2 October 2017  Straw Hat
    TMS/2017/10/02/0416  2 October 2017  Windbreaker
    TMS/2017/10/05/0413  5 October 2017  Backpack (Toys)
    TMS/2017/10/04/0412  4 October 2017  Two Power Bank, Adapter etc
    TMS/2017/10/04/0409   4 October 2017   Pouch (with Power Bank, Adapter, etc)
    TMS/2017/10/03/0408  3 October 2017  Baggage (Clothings, Shoes, Headphone, etc)
     TMS/2017/10/03/0407   3 October 2017 Skin Care Products 
    TMS/2017/10/03/0406  3 October 2017  Toys
    TMS/2017/10/03/0405  3 October 2017  Pillow & Bed Sheet
    TMS/2017/10/02/0404  2 October 2017  Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/10/02/0403  2 October 2017  Cap
    TMS/2017/10/02/0402  2 October 2017 Power Bank 
    TMS/2017/10/02/0401   2 October 2017   2 Power Banks
     TMS/2017/10/01/0400   1 October 2017  Pencil Case 
    TMS/2017/10/01/0399  1 October 2017  Baby Stroller
    TMS/2017/09/30/0398 30-Sep-17  Jacket & Toy
    TMS/2017/09/30/0397  30 September 2017   Power Bank
     TMS/2017/09/28/0396  28-Sep-17  Clothing
    TMS/2017/09/28/0395 28-Sep-17 Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/09/28/0394 28-Sep-17 Neck Pillow
    TMS/2017/09/26/0392 26-Sep-17  Clothing
    TMS/2017/09/25/0390 25-Sep-17 Pouch 
    TMS/2017/09/18/0386 18-Sep-17 Selfie Stick, Cap, Clothing, etc
    TMS/2017/09/14/0385 14-Sep-17 Radiograph
    TMS/2017/09/16/0384 16-Sep-17 Cushion & Sleeping Eyepatch
    TMS/2017/09/15/0383 15-Sep-17 Eyeglasses
     TMS/2017/09/14/0381  14-Sep-17  Power Bank
     TMS/2017/09/13/0380  13-Sep-17  Sunglasses
     TMS/2017/09/13/0379  13-Sep-17  Charger
    TMS/2017/09/11/0378  11 September 2017   Sunglasses
     TMS/2017/09/10/0377   10 September 2017   Cap
    TMS/2017/09/10/0376  10 September 2017   Power Bank
     TMS/2017/09/07/0375   7 September 2017  Books
     TMS/2017/09/06/0374   6 September 2017  Sunglasses 
     TMS/2017/09/06/0373   6 September 2017  Adapter Plug
     TMS/2017/09/03/0371   3 September 2017  Magazine
     TMS/2017/09/02/0369    2 September 2017   Adapter Plug
    TMS/2017/09/02/0368  2 September 2017  Glucometer
    TMS/2017/09/02/0367  2 September 2017 Baby Carrier 
    TMS/2017/08/31/0366  31 August 2017  Neck Pillow 
    TMS/2017/08/30/0365 30-Aug-17  Power Bank
     TMS/2017/08/30/0364   30 August 2017   Power Extension Cord
    TMS/2017/08/29/0363 29-Aug-17  Umbrella
    TMS/2017/08/26/0361  26 August 2017   Clothings, Medicine, Power Bank
    TMS/2017/08/25/0358 25-Aug-17  Watch
     TMS/2017/08/25/0357   25 August 2017   Keys
    TMS/2017/08/25/0356 25-Aug-17  Earring
     TMS/2017/08/25/0355  25-Aug-17  Power Bank
    TMS/2017/08/24/0354 24-Aug-17  Water Bottle & Cap
    TMS/2017/08/24/0353 24-Aug-17  Baggage (Clothings, Shoes, Photo)
    TMS/2017/08/22/0352 22-Aug-17  Children’s Book
    TMS/2017/08/22/0351  22 August 2017     Clothing 
    TMS/2017/08/20/0350 20-Aug-17  Hat
    TMS/2017/08/19/0349 19-Aug-17  Bag (Hat, Clothing etc.)
    TMS/2017/08/19/0348 19-Aug-17  Power Bank
    TMS/2017/08/18/0347  18 August 2017   Walking Stick
    TMS/2017/08/18/0346 18-Aug-17 Backpack (Hat, games etc.) 
     TMS/2017/08/13/0344   13 August 2017   Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/08/09/0343  9 August 2017  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/08/15/0342 15-Aug-17  Personal Care Products
     TMS/2017/08/15/0340  15-Aug-17  Clothing
     TMS/2017/08/15/0339  15-Aug-17  Backpack
    TMS/2017/08/12/0338  12 August 2017   Baby Stroller
    TMS/2017/08/11/0336 11-Aug-17 Jacket 
    TMS/2017/08/11/0335  11 August 2017  Smart Watch 
    TMS/2017/08/11/0333 11-Aug-17 Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/08/11/0332 11-Aug-17 Clothing, Shoes, etc
    TMS/2017/08/10/0329 10-Aug-17 Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/08/05/0326   7 August 2017   Clothing
    TMS/2017/08/05/0325   7 August 2017    Clothing 
    TMS/2017/08/07/0324  7 August 2017  Neck Pillows 
     TMS/2017/08/07/0323  07-Aug-17  Clothing, Belt & Shoes
    TMS/2017/08/07/0322 07-Aug-17  Clothing
    TMS/2017/08/07/0321  7 August 2017   Eyeglasses & Kid's Clothing
    TMS/2017/08/05/0319  5 August 2017   Power Bank
    TMS/2017/08/05/0318  5 August 2017   Phone Battery & Charger
     TMS/2017/08/04/0317  4 August 2017  Clothes
     TMS/2017/08/03/0316  3 August 2017  Sunglasses
     TMS/2017/08/01/0315  01-Aug-17 Souvenir Box 
     TMS/2017/08/01/0314  01-Aug-17  Beach Toy
    TMS/2017/08/01/0313 01-Aug-17  Wallet
    TMS/2017/08/01/0312 01-Aug-17  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/07/28/0308  28 July 2017   Scarf
    TMS/2017/07/27/0308 27-Jul-17 Straw Hat, Umbrella & Bag
    TMS/2017/07/27/0307 27-Jul-17 Cosmetic Pouch
    TMS/2017/07/27/0306 27-Jul-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/07/26/0305 26-Jul-17 Snorkeling Gears
    TMS/2017/07/25/0304 25-Jul-17 Phone Battery & Charger
    TMS/2017/07/24/0303 24-Jul-17 Clothing & Wooden Ornament
    TMS/2017/07/24/0302 24-Jul-17  Oil Paintings
    TMS/2017/07/23/0301 23-Jul-17  Straw Hat
    TMS/2017/07/22/0299  22 July 2017   Baggage(Sunglasses,  Power Bank etc)
    TMS/2017/07/22/0298 22-Jul-17  Neck Pillow
    TMS/2017/07/22/0297 22-Jul-17  Power Bank
    TMS/2017/07/22/0296 22-Jul-17  Power Bank
    TMS/2017/07/22/0295 22-Jul-17  Straw Hat
     TMS/2017/07/21/0294  21-Jul-17 Portable Game Console 
    TMS/2017/07/21/0293 21-Jul-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/07/21/0292 21-Jul-17 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/07/20/0291 20-Jul-17 Shampoo & Skin Care Product
    TMS/2017/07/18/0289 18-Jul-17  Pouch (Earphones etc)
    TMS/2017/07/17/0288  17 July 2017   Neck Pillow
     TMS/2017/07/18/0287  18-Jul-17  Umbrella
    TMS/2017/07/15/0286 15-Jul-17 Keys
     TMS/2017/07/15/0285  15-Jul-17 Cap 
    TMS/2017/07/13/0284 13-Jul-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/07/13/0283 13-Jul-17 Bar Stool Component
    TMS/2017/07/10/0281 10-Jul-17  Cap
    TMS/2017/07/10/0279 10-Jul-17  Award Plaque
    TMS/2017/07/08/0278 08-Jul-17  Plush Toy
    TMS/2017/07/08/0277 08-Jul-17  Baggage (Clothing)
    TMS/2017/07/09/0276 9 July 2017  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/07/08/0275 8 July 2017  Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/07/08/0274 8 July 2017  Umbrella
     TMS/2017/07/07/0273  07-Jul-17  Eyeglasses
     TMS/2017/07/07/0272  07-Jul-17  Clothing
    TMS/2017/07/06/0271 6 July 2017  Backpack
    TMS/2017/07/06/0270   6 July 2017    Document
    TMS/2017/07/05/0269  5 July 2017   Skin-Care Product
    TMS/2017/07/05/0268  5 July 2017   Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/07/05/0267  5 July 2017    Clothing 
    TMS/2017/07/04/0266  4 July 2017   Pouch
    TMS/2017/07/03/0265 03-Jul-17  Portable Fan
    TMS/2017/07/03/0264 03-Jul-17  Baggage
     TMS/2017/07/03/0263  03-Jul-17  Key
     TMS/2017/07/03/0262  03-Jul-17  Water Bottle
     TMS/2017/07/02/0259  02-Jul-17  Power Bank
    TMS/2017/06/30/0258 30-Jun-17 Document
    TMS/2017/06/27/0257 27-Jun-17 Neck Pillow
    TMS/2017/06/26/0255 26-Jun-17 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/06/26/0254 26-Jun-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/06/24/0253 24-Jun-17 Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/06/24/0252 24-Jun-17 Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/06/24/0251 24-Jun-17 Recycle Bag (Toothbrushes, Lamps, etc)
    TMS/2017/06/23/0250 23-Jun-17 Baggage (Clothing)
    TMS/2017/06/23/0248 23-Jun-17 Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/06/22/0247 22-Jun-17 Water Bottle
    TMS/2017/06/21/0245 21-Jun-17 Baggage
    TMS/2017/06/20/0244 20-Jun-17 Ironing Board
    TMS/2017/06/19/0243 19-Jun-17 Map
    TMS/2017/06/16/0242 16-Jun-17  Clothing
    TMS/2017/06/14/0241 14-Jun-17  Paintings
    TMS/2017/06/15/0240 15-Jun-17  Skin-Care Product
    TMS/2017/06/16/0239 16-Jun-17  Power Bank 
    TMS/2017/06/13/0236 13-Jun-17 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/06/11/0235 11-Jun-17  Electronic Cigarette
    TMS/2017/06/10/0234 10-Jun-17  Book
    TMS/2017/06/10/0233 10-Jun-17  Clothing & Power Bank
    TMS/2017/06/08/0231  8 June 2017   Balance Wheels
    TMS/2017/06/07/0230 7 June 2017  Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/06/07/0229 07-Jun-17  Clothing
    TMS/2017/06/06/0228 06-Jun-17 Cap 
    TMS/2017/06/05/0227   5 June 2017    Clothing
    TMS/2017/06/05/0226  5 June 2017   Headphone
    TMS/2017/06/04/0225  4 June 2017   Toy (Balls)
    TMS/2017/06/04/0224 4 June 2017  Clothing
    TMS/2017/06/01/0223 01-Jun-17  Charger
    TMS/2017/05/30/0222  30 May 2017   Baby Cup
    TMS/2017/05/31/0221 31-May-17 Bible
    TMS/2017/05/31/0220 31-May-17 Backpack (Water Bottle, Towel, etc)
    TMS/2017/05/31/0219 31 May 2017  Umbrella
    TMS/2017/05/31/0218 31 May 2017  Folding Bed
    TMS/2017/05/30/0217 30 May 2017 Backpack(Clothing & Earphones) 
    TMS/2017/05/28/0216 28-May-17  Clothing 
    TMS/2017/05/29/0215 29-May-17  Umbrella
    TMS/2017/05/28/0214 28-May-17  Clothing
    TMS/2017/05/27/0213 27-May-17  Clothing
    TMS/2017/05/25/0212 25-May-17  Charger
    TMS/2017/05/25/0211 25-May-17  Backpack
    TMS/2017/05/24/0210 24-May-17 Backpack (Shoes, Clothing etc) 
    TMS/2017/05/23/0209 23-May-17  Charger
    TMS/2017/05/22/0208 22-May-17 Baggage 
    TMS/2017/05/22/0206 22-May-17  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/05/22/0205 22-May-17 Shoes & Clothing
    TMS/2017/05/19/0202 19-May-17 Charger
    TMS/2017/05/16/0201 16-May-17 Hat
    TMS/2017/05/15/0200 15-May-17 Umbrella
    TMS/2017/05/14/0199 14-May-17 Walking Stick
    TMS/2017/05/13/0198 13-May-17 Baggage (Clothing, Cosmetic Pouch)
    TMS/2017/05/13/0197 13-May-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/05/13/0196 13-May-17 Umbrella
    TMS/2017/05/10/0193 10-May-17  Charger
    TMS/2017/05/05/0191 05-May-17 Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/05/05/0190 05-May-17 Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/05/05/0189 05-May-17 Baggage (Sunglasses, Clothing)
    TMS/2017/05/04/0187 04-May-17  Charger
    TMS/2017/05/04/0186 04-May-17  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/05/03/0185 03-May-17  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/05/03/0184 03-May-17  Umbrella
    TMS/2017/05/02/0183 02-May-17 Pouch
    TMS/2017/04/30/0181 30-Apr-17 Tripod 
    TMS/2017/04/30/0179 30-Apr-17 Charger
    TMS/2017/04/29/0178 29-Apr-17 Charger
    TMS/2017/04/29/0177 29-Apr-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/04/28/0176 28-Apr-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/04/28/0175 28-Apr-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/04/26/0174 26-Apr-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/04/26/0173 26-Apr-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/04/26/0172 26-Apr-17 Neck Pillow
    TMS/2017/04/26/0171 26-Apr-17 Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/04/26/0170 26-Apr-17 Baby Stroller
    TMS/2017/04/22/0169 22-Apr-17  Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/04/22/0168 22-Apr-17  Umbrellas
    TMS/2017/04/21/0167 21-Apr-17 Earphones 
    TMS/2017/04/21/0166 21-Apr-17 Key
    TMS/2017/04/19/0165 19-Apr-17 Doll 
    TMS/2017/04/19/0164 19-Apr-17  Clothing & Neck Pillow
    TMS/2017/04/19/0163 19-Apr-17  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/04/18/0162 18-Apr-17  Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/04/13/0161 13-Apr-17  Headphone
    TMS/2017/04/15/0160 15-Apr-17  Umbrella
    TMS/2017/04/13/0159 13-Apr-17  Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/04/13/0158 13-Apr-17  Charger
    TMS/2017/04/13/0157 13-Apr-17  Charger
    TMS/2017/04/13/0156 13-Apr-17  Charger
    TMS/2017/04/13/0155 13-Apr-17 Cap 
    TMS/2017/04/12/0154 12-Apr-17  Facial Masks
    TMS/2017/04/12/0153 12-Apr-17  Clothes
    TMS/2017/04/09/0151  9 April 2017  Camera Monopod
    TMS/2017/04/08/0150  8 April 2017  Clothes
    TMS/2017/04/08/0149  8 April 2017  Cap
    TMS/2017/04/08/0148  8 April 2017  Notebook
    TMS/2017/04/05/0147  5 April 2017 Scarf
    TMS/2017/04/05/0146  5 April 2017 Skin-Care Product 
    TMS/2017/04/02/0145  2 April 2017 Clothes
    TMS/2017/04/02/0144  2 April 2017  Clothes 
    TMS/2017/03/31/0143  31 March 2017   Scarf
    TMS/2017/03/29/0142 29-Mar-17 Cap
    TMS/2017/03/29/0140  29 March 2017   Toy
    TMS/2017/03/28/0139 28 March 2017  Clothes
    TMS/2017/03/27/0138 27-Mar-17 Cap
    TMS/2017/03/26/0137 26-Mar-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/03/25/0135 25-Mar-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/03/24/0133 24-Mar-17 Charger
    TMS/2017/03/23/0131 23-Mar-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/03/22/0130  22 March 2017   Pouch
    TMS/2017/03/20/0129 20-Mar-17 Baggage (with Clothing)
    TMS/2017/03/20/0128 20-Mar-17 Charging Cable
    TMS/2017/03/19/0127 19-Mar-17 Charger
    TMS/2017/03/17/0126 17-Mar-17 Photo Album
    TMS/2017/03/16/0125 16-Mar-17 Key
    TMS/2017/03/15/0124 15-Mar-17 Charger
    TMS/2017/03/14/0122 14-Mar-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/03/14/0121 14-Mar-17 Umbrella
    TMS/2017/03/13/0120 13-Mar-17 Scarf
    TMS/2017/03/13/0119 13-Mar-17 Pouch (with charger)
    TMS/2017/03/10/0117 10-Mar-17 Scarf
    TMS/2017/02/27/0116 27-Feb-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/02/02/0115 02-Feb-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/01/31/0114 31-Jan-17 Clothing
    TMS/2017/01/18/0113 18-Jan-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/01/13/0112 13-Jan-17 Clothing
    TMS/2016/12/08/0111 08-Dec-16 Clothing
    TMS/2016/11/17/0110 17-Nov-16 Clothing
    TMS/2016/10/28/0109 28-Oct-16 Clothing
    TMS/2016/10/05/0108 05-Oct-16 Clothing
    TMS/2016/09/18/0107 18-Sep-16 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/03/08/0106 08-Mar-17 Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/03/08/0105 08-Mar-17 Umbrella
    TMS/2017/03/05/0104 05-Mar-17 Headphone
    TMS/2017/03/01/0103 01-Mar-17 Umbrella
    TMS/2017/02/27/0102 27-Feb-17 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/02/27/0101 27-Feb-17 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/02/27/0100 27-Feb-17 Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/02/27/0099 27-Feb-17 Jacket
    TMS/2017/02/27/0098 27-Feb-17 Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/02/26/0097 26-Feb-17 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/02/25/0096 25-Feb-17 Handbag
    TMS/2017/02/25/0095 25-Feb-17 Hat
    TMS/2017/02/22/0094 22-Feb-17 Selfie Stick
    TMS/2017/02/20/0092 20-Feb-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/02/20/0091 20-Feb-17 Charging cable
    TMS/2017/02/20/0090 20-Feb-17 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/02/17/0089 17-Feb-17 Tripod
    TMS/2017/02/17/0088 17-Feb-17 Tripod
    TMS/2017/02/17/0087 17-Feb-17 Umbrella
    TMS/2017/02/16/0086 16-Feb-17 Sweater
    TMS/2017/02/12/0084 12-Feb-17 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/02/10/0083 10-Feb-17 Windbreaker
    TMS/2017/02/10/0082 10-Feb-17 Umbrella
    TMS/2017/02/10/0081 10-Feb-17 Jacket
    TMS/2017/02/09/0080 09-Feb-17 Straw Hat
    TMS/2017/02/05/0078 05-Feb-17 Jacket
    TMS/2017/02/05/0077 05-Feb-17 Neck pillow
    TMS/2017/02/05/0076 05-Feb-17 Vest
    TMS/2017/02/04/0075 04-Feb-17 Handbag, Clothes
    TMS/2017/02/03/0073 03-Feb-17 Backpack
    TMS/2017/02/02/0071 02-Feb-17 Duty Free Goods
    TMS/2017/02/02/0069  2 February 2017  Wallet
    TMS/2017/02/02/0068 02-Feb-17 Jacket
    TMS/2017/02/02/0067 02-Feb-17 Overcoat
    TMS/2017/02/01/0065 01-Feb-17 Handbag
    TMS/2017/01/31/0064 31-Jan-17 Overcoat
    TMS/2017/01/31/0063 31-Jan-17 Pouch
    TMS/2017/01/31/0062 31-Jan-17 Power bank & adaptor
    TMS/2017/01/29/0059 29-Jan-17 Bottle sterilizer
    TMS/2017/01/28/0057 28-Jan-17 Baby stroller
    TMS/2017/01/28/0056 28-Jan-17 Scarf
    TMS/2017/01/27/0054 27-Jan-17 Vacuum flask
    TMS/2017/01/27/0053 27-Jan-17 Overcoat
    TMS/2017/01/27/0052 27-Jan-17 Sunglasses
    TMS/2017/01/27/0051 27-Jan-17 Backpack
    TMS/2017/01/27/0050 27-Jan-17 Handbag
        TMS/2017/01/26/0049 26-Jan-17 Bag (Water Dispenser, Slippers, etc)
    TMS/2017/01/26/0048 26-Jan-17 Pouch (Charger, etc)
    TMS/2017/01/25/0047 25-Jan-17 Camera Lens
    TMS/2017/01/25/0046 25-Jan-17 Scarf
    TMS/2017/01/25/0045 25-Jan-17 Nursing Bottle
    TMS/2017/01/25/0044 25-Jan-17 Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2017/01/25/0041 25-Jan-17 Watch
    TMS/2017/01/24/0040 24-Jan-17 Power Bank
    TMS/2017/01/21/0039 21-Jan-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/01/21/0038 21-Jan-17 Backpack (Clothes)
    TMS/2017/01/21/0037 21-Jan-17 Baggage (Clothes, Handbag)
    TMS/2017/01/21/0036 21-Jan-17 Backpack (Toys)
    TMS/2017/01/20/0034 20-Jan-17 Overcoat
    TMS/2017/01/20/0033 20-Jan-17 Jacket
    TMS/2017/01/20/0032 20-Jan-17 Baggage (Clothes, Shoes)
    TMS/2017/01/19/0031 19-Jan-17 Umbrella
    TMS/2017/01/19/0029 19-Jan-17 Health Products
    TMS/2017/01/18/0028 18-Jan-17 Handbag & Jacket
    TMS/2017/01/18/0027 18-Jan-17 Luggage Case
    TMS/2017/01/16/0024 16-Jan-17 Power bank
    TMS/2017/01/16/0023 16-Jan-17 Scarf
    TMS/2017/01/14/0022 14-Jan-17 Neck Pillow
    TMS/2017/01/14/0021 14-Jan-17 Overcoat
    TMS/2017/01/14/0020 14-Jan-17 Scarf
    TMS/2017/01/14/0019 14-Jan-17 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2017/01/13/0018 13-Jan-17 Skateboard
    TMS/2017/01/13/0017 13-Jan-17 Handbag & LED Board
    TMS/2017/01/13/0016 13-Jan-17 Jacket
    TMS/2017/01/12/0015 12-Jan-17 Backpack (Clothes, etc)
    TMS/2017/01/11/0014 11-Jan-17 Balance Wheels
     TMS/2017/01/11/0013  11-Jan-17  Luggage Case
     TMS/2017/01/10/0012  10 January 2017  Duty Free Goods 
    TMS/2017/01/08/0010 08-Jan-17 Jacket
    TMS/2017/01/07/0008 07-Jan-17 Camera flash lamp
    TMS/2017/01/06/0007 06-Jan-17  Kid's backpack
    TMS/2017/01/05/0006 05-Jan-17 Clothes 
    TMS/2017/01/04/0005 04-Jan-17 Power bank
     TMS/2017/01/04/0003   4 January 2017  Power Bank, Hat, Sunglasses, Headphone, Charging cable
    TMS/2017/01/02/0002   2 January 2017   Power bank
    TMS/2017/01/01/0001  1 January 2017  Charger adapter
     TMS/2016/12/30/0336   30 December 2016  Sport shoes
     TMS/2016/12/30/0335   30 December 2016   Charging cable 
    TMS/2016/12/30/0334 30 December 2016  Keys
    TMS/2016/12/30/0333 30 December 2016  Wirless Charger
    TMS/2016/12/29/0332 29 December 2016  Wireless mouse
    TMS/2016/12/29/0331 29-Dec-16  Cap
    TMS/2016/12/28/0330  28 December 2016   Backpack
     TMS/2016/12/28/0329   28 December 2016   Power Bank
    TMS/2016/12/27/0328 27 December 2016  Scarf
    TMS/2016/12/27/0326 27 December 2016  Toy
    TMS/2016/12/27/0325 27 December 2016  Mirror
    TMS/2016/12/26/0324 26 December 2016  Scarf & Umbrella
    TMS/2016/12/26/0323 26 December 2016  Souvenir
    TMS/2016/12/26/0322 26 December 2016  Toy
     TMS/2016/12/25/0320   25 December 2016   Key
     TMS/2016/12/23/0317  23 December 2016  Vacuum Flask
    TMS/2016/12/22/0314 22 December 2016 Eco bag (Clothes, Toys)
    TMS/2016/12/21/0313 21 December 2016 Backpack
    TMS/2016/12/20/0312 20 December 2016 Smartband
    TMS/2016/12/20/0311 20 December 2016 Skin Care Product
    TMS/2016/12/19/0310 19December 2016 Pillow
    TMS/2016/12/18/0309 18 December 2016  Waistcoat 
    TMS/2016/12/18/0308 18 December 2016 Jacket
     TMS/2016/12/18/0307  18 December 2016  Jacket 
    TMS/2016/12/15/0306 15 December 2016 Pillow
    TMS/2016/12/15/0305 15 December 2016 Lithium-ion Battery Pack
    TMS/2016/12/14/0304 14 December 2016 Sunglasses
    TMS/2016/12/14/0302 14 December 2016 Backpack
    TMS/2016/12/13/0301 13 December 2016 Sling bag
    TMS/2016/12/12/0300 12 December 2016 Card Wallet
    TMS/2016/12/11/0298 11 December 2016 Scarf
    TMS/2016/12/10/0297 10 December 2016 Jacket
    TMS/2016/12/10/0296 10 December 2016 Cap
    TMS/2016/12/09/0295 9 December 2016 Trekking Pole
    TMS/2016/12/09/0294 9 December 2016 Key
    TMS/2016/12/09/0293 9 December 2016 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/12/06/0289 6 December 2016 Keys
    TMS/2016/12/05/0288 5 December 2016 Jacket
    TMS/2016/12/03/0287 3 December 2016 Neck pillow
    TMS/2016/12/03/0286 3 December 2016 Neck pillow
    TMS/2016/12/03/0285 3 December 2016 Jacket
    TMS/2016/12/02/0284 2 December 2016 Ring
    TMS/2016/12/01/0283 01-Dec-16 Crystal Ornament
    TMS/2016/11/27/0281 27 November 2016 Microphone
    TMS/2016/11/26/0280 26 November 2016 Scarf
    TMS/2016/11/25/0278 25 November 2016 Umbrella
    TMS/2016/11/24/0277 24 November 2016 Cosmetics
    TMS/2016/11/24/0275 24 November 2016 Plastic bag (Clothes)
    TMS/2016/11/24/0274 24 November 2016 Umbrella
    TMS/2016/11/24/0273 24 November 2016 Umbrella
    TMS/2016/11/22/0272 22-Nov-16 Backpack (Clothes, etc)
    TMS/2016/11/22/0271 22-Nov-16 Baggage (Clothes, Sandals, etc)
    TMS/2016/11/21/0270 21 November 2016 Plastic bag (Neck pillow)
    TMS/2016/11/19/0269 19 November 2016 Clothes
    TMS/2016/11/17/0266 17 November 2016 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2016/11/17/0265 17 November 2016 Duty Free Goods
    TMS/2016/11/17/0264 17 November 2016 Keys
    TMS/2016/11/16/0262 16-Nov-16 Plastic Bag (Clothes)
    TMS/2016/11/14/0261 14 November 2016 Earrings
    TMS/2016/11/13/0260 13 November 2016 Clothes
    TMS/2016/11/12/0258 12 November 2016 Thermos
    TMS/2016/11/10/0257 10 November 2016 Umbrella
    TMS/2016/11/08/0256 8 November 2016 Straw Hat
    TMS/2016/11/08/0255 8 November 2016 Pop Up Tent
    TMS/2016/11/07/0253 7 November 2016 Ring
    TMS/2016/11/06/0252 6 November 2016 Clothes
    TMS/2016/11/02/0250 2 November 2016 Handbag
    TMS/2016/10/30/0248 30 October 2016 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/10/29/0247 29 October 2016 Clothes
    TMS/2016/10/29/0246 29 October 2016 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/10/27/0245 27 October 2016 Clothes
    TMS/2016/10/25/0244 25 October 2016 Wireless mouse
    TMS/2016/10/24/0243 24 October 2016 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/10/23/0242 23 October 2016 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/10/19/0241 19 October 2016 Backpack
    TMS/2016/10/18/0240 18 October 2016 Jacket
    TMS/2016/10/15/0239 15 October 2016 Handbag
    TMS/2016/10/14/0238 14 October 2016 Personal Care Products
    TMS/2016/10/14/0237 14 October 2016 Handbag
    TMS/2016/10/12/0236 12 October 2016 Personal Care Products
    TMS/2016/10/11/0235 11 October 2016 Headphone
    TMS/2016/10/09/0232 09-Oct-16 Umbrella
    TMS/2016/10/09/0231 09-Oct-16 Scarf
    TMS/2016/10/07/0230 07 October 2016 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/10/07/0229 07-Oct-16 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/10/03/0224 03-Oct-16 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/10/03/0223 03-Oct-16 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/09/28/0220 28 September 2016 Clothes
    TMS/2016/09/28/0219 28 September 2016 Handbag,Hat
    TMS/2016/09/27/0217 27 September 2016 Duty Free Goods
    TMS/2016/09/27/0216 27 September 2016 Scarf
    TMS/2016/09/26/0212 26 September 2016 Charging cable
    TMS/2016/09/24/0215 24 September 2016 Handbag
    TMS/2016/09/23/0214 23 September 2016 Backpack
    TMS/2016/09/18/0211 18-Sep-16 Selfie Stick
    TMS/2016/09/18/0210 18-Sep-16 Clothes
    TMS/2016/09/17/0209 17-Sep-16 Headphone
    TMS/2016/09/17/0208 17-Sep-16 Scarf
    TMS/2016/09/15/0207 15-Sep-16 Wallet
    TMS/2016/09/11/0204 11-Sep-16 Neck Pillow, Medicinal Oil
    TMS/2016/09/11/0203 11-Sep-16 Duty Free Goods
    TMS/2016/09/11/0202 11-Sep-16 Neck Pillow
    TMS/2016/09/09/0200 09-Sep-16 Luggage case
     TMS/2016/09/06/0198  6 September 2016  SodaStream
     TMS/2016/09/02/0196 02-Sep-16 Power Bank
     TMS/2016/08/31/0195 31-Aug-16 Umbrella
     TMS/2016/08/30/0194 30-Aug-16 Backpack
     TMS/2016/08/29/0193 29-Aug-16 Clothes
     TMS/2016/08/28/0192 28 August 2016 Duty Free Goods
     TMS/2016/08/27/0191 27 August 2016 Pouch
     TMS/2016/08/26/0190 26 August 2016 Balance Wheel
     TMS/2016/08/25/0188 25 August 2016 Hat
     TMS/2016/08/25/0187 25 August 2016 Clothes
     TMS/2016/08/24/0186 24 August 2016 Eyeglasses
     TMS/2016/08/24/0185 24 August 2016 Keys
     TMS/2016/08/22/0184 22 August 2016  Umbrella
      TMS/2016/08/16/0182  16-Aug-16  Umbrella
     TMS/2016/08/16/0181 16-Aug-16 Umbrella and Power bank
     TMS/2016/08/14/0180 14-Aug-16  Power bank
     TMS/2016/08/13/0178   13 August 2016  Umbrella
     TMS/2016/08/11/0177  11 August 2016   Scarf
     TMS/2016/08/10/0176 10-Aug-16  Headband
     TMS/2016/08/09/0175 09-Aug-16   Jacket 
     TMS/2016/08/05/0173 5 August 2016  Key
     TMS/2016/08/05/0172 5 August 2016  Hat
     TMS/2016/08/04/0171 4 August 2016 Eyeglasses 
    TMS/2016/08/02/0169  2 August 2016  Hat 
     TMS/2016/08/01/0168  1 August 2016  Baby Stroller
     TMS/2016/08/01/0167    1 August 2016   Handbag (Clothes) 
    TMS/2016/07/31/0166  31 July 2016   Sunglasses 
     TMS/2016/07/28/0165   28 July 2016   Pouch
    TMS/2016/07/27/0164  27 July 2016   Clothes
    TMS/2016/07/27/0163  27 July 2016   Umbrella
     TMS/2016/07/26/0162   26 July 2016   Wireless Mouse
     TMS/2016/07/26/0161    26 July 2016   Cap 
     TMS/2016/07/26/0160   26 July 2016   Mobile Phone Case 
     TMS/2016/07/23/0159   23 July 2016   Sunglasses
    TMS/2016/07/19/0156  19 July 2016   Eyeglasses
    TMS/2016/07/17/0155 17-Jul-16  Water Bottle
    TMS/2016/07/16/0154 16-Jul-16  Keys
    TMS/2016/07/16/0153  16 July 2016   Skate scooter
    TMS/2016/07/16/0152  16 July 2016   Cap
     TMS/2016/07/16/0151  16-Jul-16  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2016/07/15/0150 15-Jul-16 Umbrella
    TMS/2016/07/14/0149 14-Jul-16 Power bank & adaptor
    TMS/2016/07/14/0148 14-Jul-16 Pocket Wifi Router
    TMS/2016/07/12/0147 12-Jul-16 Luggage case
    TMS/2016/07/11/0145 11-Jul-16 Boots
    TMS/2016/07/11/0144 11-Jul-16 Backpack
    TMS/2016/07/11/0143 11-Jul-16 Wireless mouse
    TMS/2016/07/07/0142 07-Jul-16 Backpack
     TMS/2016/06/28/0137   28 June 2016   White board
    TMS/2016/06/27/0136   27 June 2016   Umbrella
     TMS/2016/06/27/0135   27 June 2016  Backpack
    TMS/2016/06/26/0134  25 June 2016  Eyeglasses
    TMS/2016/06/25/0133 25-Jun-16 Luggage case
     TMS/2016/06/22/0131   22 June 2016  Sweater
    TMS/2016/06/16/0127  16 June 2016  Jigsaw Puzzle
    TMS/2016/06/14/0126 14-Jun-16 Luggage case
    TMS/2016/06/09/0121 09-Jun-16 Clothes
    TMS/2016/06/09/0120 09-Jun-16 Clothes
    TMS/2016/06/08/0119 08-Jun-16 Cap
    TMS/2016/06/07/0116 07-Jun-16 Umbrella
    TMS/2016/06/03/0115 03-Jun-16 Scarf
    TMS/2016/05/30/0112 30-May-16 Jacket
    TMS/2016/05/30/0111 30-May-16 Dolls
    TMS/2016/05/28/0110 28-May-16 Umbrella
    TMS/2016/05/28/0109 28-May-16 Dolls
    TMS/2016/05/28/0108 28-May-16 Water Bottle
    TMS/2016/05/22/0106 22-May-16 Leather Pouch
    TMS/2016/05/20/0104 20-May-16 Suit
    TMS/2016/05/20/0103 20-May-16 Handbag (Clother)
    TMS/2016/05/15/0100 15-May-16 Sunglasses
    TMS/2016/05/12/0098 12-May-16 Powe Bank
    TMS/2016/05/11/0097 11-May-16 Sunglasses
    TMS/2016/05/10/0095 10-May-16 Bag (Clothes, skincare products)
    TMS/2016/05/10/0094 10 May 2016 Bag & Neck Pillow
    TMS/2016/05/06/0093 06-May-16 Recycle Bag & Jacket
    TMS/2016/05/05/0092 05-May-16 Straw hat
    TMS/2016/05/05/0091 05-May-16 A battery charger & battery
    TMS/2016/05/05/0090 05-May-16 Personal Care Products
    TMS/2016/05/03/0089 03-May-16 Keys
    TMS/2016/05/02/0088 02-May-16 Power Bank
    TMS/2016/05/02/0087 02-May-16 Sweater
    TMS/2016/04/26/0085 26-Apr-16 Handbag
    TMS/2016/04/25/0084 25-Apr-16 Windbreaker
    TMS/2016/04/23/0081 23-Apr-16 A battery charger & battery
    TMS/2016/04/20/0080 20-Apr-16 Umbrella
    TMS/2016/04/17/0079 17-Apr-16 Walking stick
    TMS/2016/04/12/0078 12-Apr-16 Hand carry luggage
    TMS/2016/04/14/0077 14-Apr-16 Backpack
    TMS/2016/04/08/0075 08-Apr-16 Plastic bag (Shoes, Snacks)
    TMS/2016/04/07/0074 07-Apr-16 Sunglasses
    TMS/2016/04/06/0073 06-Apr-16 Pouch
    TMS/2016/04/05/0072 05-Apr-16 Cardigan sweater
    TMS/2016/04/03/0070 03-Apr-16 Kid's backpack
    TMS/2016/04/03/0069 03-Apr-16 Handbag
    TMS/2016/03/30/0068 30-Mar-16 Sweater
    TMS/2016/03/28/0067 28-Mar-16 Handbag
    TMS/2016/03/28/0066 28-Mar-16 A jacket
    TMS/2016/03/24/0064 24-Mar-16 Sunglasses
    TMS/2016/03/24/0062 24-Mar-16 A battery charger & battery
    TMS/2016/03/16/0061 16-Mar-16 Teaset
    TMS/2016/03/12/0060 12-Mar-16 Glass Medals and Jacket
    TMS/2016/03/11/0059 11-Mar-16 Jacket
    TMS/2016/03/06/0057 06-Mar-16 Sunglasses
    TMS/2016/03/05/0056 05-Mar-16 Toy
    TMS/2016/03/04/0055 04-Mar-16 Eco Bag(jacket, neck pillow)
    TMS/2016/03/02/0053 02-Mar-16 Jacket
    TMS/2016/03/01/0052 01-Mar-16 Jacket
    TMS/2016/03/01/0051 01-Mar-16 Kids Shoes
    TMS/2016/02/27/0050 27-Feb-16 Doll
    TMS/2016/02/24/0049 24-Feb-16 Watch
    TMS/2016/02/23/0048 23-Feb-16 Perfume and Skincare Products
    TMS/2016/02/22/0047 22-Feb-16 Thermos
    TMS/2016/02/22/0046 22-Feb-16 Ring
    TMS/2016/02/21/0045 21-Feb-16 Personal Care Products
    TMS/2016/02/21/0044 21-Feb-16 Knitted Hat
    TMS/2016/02/21/0043 21-Feb-16 Thermos
    TMS/2016/02/17/0039 17-Feb-16 Neck Pillow
    TMS/2016/02/17/0038 17-Feb-16 Water Bottle
    TMS/2016/02/15/0036 15-Feb-16 Charging Wire
    TMS/2016/02/15/0035 15-Feb-16 Charger
    TMS/2016/02/15/0034 15-Feb-16 Hat
    TMS/2016/02/15/0033 15-Feb-16 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2016/02/15/0032 15-Feb-16 Jacket
    TMS/2016/02/14/0031 14-Feb-16 Thermos
    TMS/2016/02/13/0030 13-Feb-16 Sweater
    TMS/2016/02/11/0029 11-Feb-16 Doll
    TMS/2016/02/07/0027 07-Feb-16 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2016/02/07/0026 07-Feb-16 SIM Cards
    TMS/2016/02/06/0025 06-Feb-16 Three Scarfs
    TMS/2016/02/05/0023 05-Feb-16 Down Jacket
    TMS/2016/02/04/0022 04-Feb-16 Two Handbags (Clothes, Umbrella)
    TMS/2016/02/04/0021 04-Feb-16 Overcoat
    TMS/2016/02/04/0020 04-Feb-16 Jacket
    TMS/2016/02/04/0019 04-Feb-16 Cap
    TMS/2016/02/01/0017 01-Feb-16 Folding Cart
    TMS/2016/01/29/0016 29-Jan-16 Neck Pillow
    TMS/2016/01/21/0013 21-Jan-16 Jacket
    TMS/2016/01/19/0012 19-Jan-16 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2016/01/16/0011 17-Jan-16 2 Jackets
    TMS/2016/01/16/0010 16-Jan-16 Suitcase
    TMS/2016/01/14/0008 14-Jan-16 Jacket
    TMS/2016/01/12/0007 12-Jan-16 A Handbag (with clothes)
    TMS/2016/01/10/0006 10-Jan-16 Passport Holder
    TMS/2016/01/10/0005 10 January 2016 Cap and Scarf
    TMS/2016/01/09/0004 09-Jan-16 Wristband
    TMS/2016/01/02/0002 02-Jan-16 Balance Wheels
    TMS/2016/01/02/0001 02-Jan-16 Water Bottle
    TMS/2015/12/24/0084 24-Dec-15 USB
    TMS/2015/12/23/0081 23 December 2015 Books
    TMS/2015/12/21/0080 21 December 2015 Souvenir
    TMS/2015/12/20/0079 20 December 2015 Umbrella
    TMS/2015/12/20/0077 20-Dec-15 Baby Stroller
    TMS/2015/12/16/0075 16-Dec-15 Baby Stroller
    TMS/2015/12/15/0074 15-Dec-15 Charger
    TMS/2015/12/11/0072 11-Dec-15 Books
    TMs/2015/12/09/0071 09-Dec-15 Wallpaper
    TMS/2015/12/08/0070 08-Dec-15 Jacket
    TMS/2015/12/06/0069 06-Dec-15 Vase
    TMS/2015/11/29/0068 29-Nov-15 Clothes
    TMS/2015/11/22/0066 22-Nov-15 Black colour camera bag (camera charger adaptor, card reader etc)
    TMS/2015/11/10/0064 10-Nov-15 Eyeglasses
    TMS/2015/11/09/0063 09-Nov-15 Walking Stick
    TMS/2015/11/08/0062 08-Nov-15 Bracelet
    TMS/2015/11/03/0058 03-Nov-15 Cell Phone Battery Charger
    TMS/2015/10/29/0056 29-Oct-15 Feng Shui Compass
    TMS/2015/10/21/0055 21-Oct-15 Handbag, Clothes, Belt etc
    TMS/2015/10/17/0054 17-Oct-15 Ring
    TMS/2015/10/08/0053 08-Oct-15 Windbreaker
    TMS/2015/10/05/0051 05-Oct-15 Umbrella
    TMS/2015/10/03/0050 03-Oct-15 Knitwear


    • Above items will be kept for 365 days. Upon expiration of the retention period, all unclaimed items will be handled according to Macau International Airport procedure.  
    • Food, perishables or any article not suitable for storage will be disposed of immediately or kept for 24hours according to the condition.