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Monkey King and Comedy Musical BIBAP take to the Stage05 Apr 2017

After eight years in the making, the celebrated stage play 'Monkey King - China Show,' was launched in February 2017 in Sands Cotai Theatre as its resident performance until 31stDecember. In addition, BIBAP, a comedy musical from Korea, will be staged from 7th to 23rdApril at The Parisian Theatre.

The story of 'Monkey King - China Show'- based upon 'Journey to the West,' one of the most famous Chinese fantasies - combines mythology, fairytales, tragicomedy, comedy, farce, and magic drama. The wish is that with its enriched performances and multiple narratives, audiences can appreciate traditional Chinese culture via the prism of unlimited possibility a stage performance can generate.

'Monkey King - China Show' features dance, acrobatics, drama, martial arts and magic highlighted by creative lighting effects, choreography, music and spectacularly colourful costumes. Audiences are transported by the Monkey King to the colourful Mountain of Flowers and Fruit and the undersea palace of the Dragon King of the East Sea.

Audiences can also expect to see the giant 15-metre Buddha hand weighing seven tons and two huge talons reaching out from the sides of the theatre. One of the most spectacular scenes is where the Buddha's hand, armed with eight Talismans of Buddhism and carrying aurora and rainbow, strikes his talons into the dust as a postlude to 'Ode to Buddha' based upon the holy music at the end of the novel 'Journey to the West.' This is the point when the Monkey King - China Show expresses its overall theme of changing evil into good and hatred into love, one of the classic and important scenes in 'Journey to the West.'

The Venetian Macao, The Parisian Macao, Conrad Macao, Cotai Central, Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central, Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central and The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Central are promoting the Monkey King Macao Hotel Package (Not available on Thursdays) from now until 31st December, 2017. In addition, tickets for the Monkey King Show included in the package can be upgraded to next reserve for free (subject to availability) until 7th May. For more information, please visit

BIBAP, a comedy musical from Korea, will be staged from 7th to 23rd April (No show on Mondays) at The Parisian Theatre. BIBAP recounts the story of a cooking competition between two master chefs, Green Chef and Red Chef, at the BIBAP restaurant, alongside six other hyperactive 'chefs.' Revolving around the Korean national dish of spicy rice, vegetables and beef known as bibimbap, this no-dialogue performance incorporates music, beat box, breakdancing, acrobatics and singing in a performance that never runs out of steam. For more information, please visit